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Band of the Month December 2011

Taking the Band of the Month for December 2011 is New Found Land, originally from Sweden and now based in Germany. The Bell is available on * More about New Found Land. Join the indie bands blog on google + for more of the best music from around the world. *Purchases made through the link […]

Kate and After

Back in 2008, Kate and After came to fruition in Gothenburg, Sweden. Magnus Lindquist (lead vocals), Carl Nelvig, (Hammond Organ), Jonas Karlsson (guitar), Joakim Axelsson (drums) and Kristoffer Sohtell  (bass guitar) got together with the intention of creating a heartening sound. Cheerful, catchy rhythms come bouncing out of the speakers, as Kate and After make full use of the Hammond Organ, but far from […]

This Vision

This Vision are a duo from Helsingborg in Sweden. Formed when their band Stones Cry Out split in 2006,  Marcus Lantz (Vocals) and Christian Hartmann (Synth and Programming) decided to continue with their passion for music and so emerged This Vision. They spent over a year exploring their new sounds and lockied in the studio […]