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The Mare

The Mare from Stockholm in Sweden is Charley Rivel (vocals / guitar / bass trumpet), Daniel Aronsson (keyboards / bass), Pontus Armini (guitar) and Anders Thorell (drums / vocals) who have been around as an indie-pop band since 2003. Being underground is all well and good and in Sweden, as I have pontificated previously, the more Ice the […]


Wandering in from Stockholm in Sweden a city so cool it denounces the latest technology as last years gadget and always manages to find the underground before the underground knows it is there, so we find Lo-Fi-Fnk. Sometimes that hip becomes arrogant and these guys teeter on the edge, yet fall on the right side […]

Turn Off Your Television

Turn Off Your Television – yes it does sound like and instruction and this instance a sensible one –  are a trio from Malmö in Sweden , comprising: Jon Rinneby (lead vocals / guitar),  Stellan Lofberg (Bass / harmonica) and Erik Willman (drums / backing vocals) use the influences of their backgrounds and an interest in music spanning […]

Mono Stereo – The London gigs November 2009

Sometimes a series of gigs is just destined not be what it was meant to be and Mono Stereo had one of those trips in November. On arrival in the UK, the band arrived in the UK at Stansted airport and everything was going well so they thought, but unfortunately admin caught up with them. […]

Dinah Wants Religion

Dinah Wants Religion, from Uppsala in Sweden comprise Erik (lead vocals), Henry (organ/guitar), Johan (guitar), Sebastian (bass), Andreas (drums). As yet unsigned, it won’t be any surprise to see them making a significant breakthrough in the indie music scene. A tight and playful style are the hallmarks of Dinah Wants Religion as they play through […]

Mono Stereo

Back in 2006, Mono Stereo from Sweden formed when brothers Jakub (drums and vocals) and Geggan (vocals and rhythm guitar) got together with Kjelle (lead guitar) and Gunnar (bass), bringing together elements of bands such as the Kinks from the ’60s and Stone Roses from the ’90s. Skillful use of the guitars adds a resonance […]

Twiggy Frostbite

If I try to pin down what I like about Twiggy Frostbite, I can’t tell you. The five piece band based in Gävle – Sweden, who combine complex instrumentation with clear and sharp vocals, just resonate as an outfit I would like to hear more from. The initial idea for the band came about when […]

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