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An Interview with Gordon Duthie

Back in June 2012 Gordon Duthie was introduced to the Indie Bands Blog and I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Gordon for an an interview to find out what he is up to now. In which we discuss the Oil Industry, a new release coming out - Multi-Media Monster and the death of record […]

My Evil Twin

My Evil Twin is the vehicle by which the singer songwriter Cecilie Enevold Nielsen from Copenhagen in Denmark drops her thoughts on the world. Lithely like a cat dropping from the roof the music floats in to the room landing gently – positioned and poised to bound onwards. In live performance Cecilie is supported by three […]


Dalia is the indie singer-songwriter Jennay Lozicky based in Los Angeles – USA. This is the second performer I have written about today who transcends musical style definition. Dalia affords the listener to quite simply – settle back and let the music flows is path. Acoustics are accompanied by a scintillating voice which captures the mind and […]

Jacob Butler

From Melbourne in Australia emerges the alternative rock singer songwriter Jacob Butler. With deft ability Jacob Butler  ranges across a diversity of geographic influence always returning with a heart-felt construction. Without the strength of song-writing this wouldn’t add much new territory, but Jacob possesses  a fine ear to song composition as he drives tempos up and down, edge or […]

Stuart Newman – World Made Of Water – Video only

Stuart Newman, from England, who the indie bands blog has been following on and off since 2010 has just released a further track – World Made of Water. With his customary sharp critique, the lyric is delivered with calmness. Join the indie bands blog on Facebook for more of the best lyricists from around the world […]

Mutual Benefit

Mutual Benefit is a Boston (USA) -based experimental indie project from Jordan Lee with recent contributions from Andrew Morehart, Katie Pierce, Bradley Will, Marc Merza and Samuel Yager. In 2009 the debut mixtape “Figure in Black” was released by the solo Jordan Lee, a fragmented cauldron of music which played host to a mixture of […]

Chico Mann – Dilo Como Yo (Te Están Llamand)

Combining musical influences from Africa, Cuba, Miami and New York -The solo creative, Chico Mann, based in New York in the USA is set for a new EP - Manifest Tone - to be released through Soundway Records on 29th November 2012, from which Dilo Como Yo (Te Están Llamand) is taken.     For more of the best […]

Anil Kamalagharan – On A Hill – Live Video

Anil Kamalagharan, perhaps better known as the frontman for Mirrorkicks and his work with Imogen Heap also has a solo project – Anil –  and has just released his first – EP – Mesonoxian. This live recording is of – On A Hill – taken from the EP. Website Join the Indie Bands Blog on […]

Nicole Taylor

Nicole Taylor from Sydney in Australia is an indie pop singer songwriter. Squeezy lemonade sounds are stirred with acerbic vocals to raise a sound which  engages the dance buttons and the thought processes. Immediately on hitting play the ears are drawn to references of the most influential  indie pop lyricists across the past three decades, but rather than turning in to […]

Lillian Todd-Jones

Lillian Todd-Jones is an indie perfomance singer songwriter from Dartmoor in England. Pulling experiences from a variety of directions –  musical, literary, imagination and literal I hope this is not the golden hour of the steam-punk that is Lillian Todd-Jones. She delivers an amazing vocal which is not likely to be lost and is control […]

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