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Nadine Carina

Nadine Carina is a solo singer songwriter. With Croatian / Italian parentage, born in Switzerland she is now based in Liverpool in England where she creates and delivers experimental alternative folk, which reflects that diversity of influence, through a diversity of instruments including: Piano; Guitar and; MIDI Keyboard. Kicking back in the garden on a sunny afternoon […]

Sae Lis’

Sae Lis‘ based in Beirut in Lebanon is another exemplar of how the world of music can and does exist underneath discordance. Whilst the solo singer songwriter Sae Lis’ can and does travel around the world, she retains as her home one of the worlds ever bubbling trouble-spots and for this above most anything, I am delighted to […]

Noah T

Noah T is unlike any artists I have reviewed before. The ‘usual’ for me is bands, with vocals, and usually rock based. Noah T is from Tulsa, Oklahoma in the USA; and for one man he makes a beautiful, spooky, and emotional sound. Using layers of acoustic guitar, bass, chord organ, bells, melodica and hand […]

R. Stevie Moore

R. Stevie Moore from Nashville in the USA is an essential exponent of lo-fi and the DIY ethic, with over 400 LPs behind him and a legacy dating back the the late ’60s. Unsurprisingly I won’t even go near the back-catalogue as R. Stevie Moore continues to release more and more, seemingly each week. Having […]

Jay Shepard

Jay Shepard ably demonstrates a point, a journey-man session musician who captured his own imagination and now from his base in New York has the space to project his love ballad rock and roll. I raise my hat to Jay Shepard who saw a wider space in which he could explore his own material. Already […]

David Arn

David Arn is a singer-songwriter from Virginia Beach in the USA. Over the past couple of years David Arn has honed his direction as a solo artist, utilising where necessary additional players. Sometimes it is just useful to slow down the pace and David does this. But slower and quieter doesn’t mean life is any […]

Jason Ware

It only seemed right to place Jason Ware in a sort of thread of Americana publications and here we find the Chicago, USA, based folk rock singer songwriter. Life looks good with a slide guitar, when you are playing it and more than that, it sounds awesome to the audience if handled correctly and you […]


3DM is the Cambridge, England based creator Marc who brings out the best in alternative dance with an experimental twist. Once again we head to my local home-space to find an engaging experimental artist. Is this confluence to do with the nature of the University town leading edge position, or just that outer London needs to and […]

Ellie Williams

Ellie Williams is a singer songwriter from Exeter in England. Of particular note is the way that she has been able to use crowd-funding successfully to release her debut LP Unseen, which came out in 2009 after raising US$50 000. She has just completed funding for her second album Hope, this time a more modest US$5 000. […]

Rake Wickman

Rake Wickman originally from Greenland, but mainly influenced by the Faroe Islands, though now to be found traversing both sides of the Atlantic is a solo artist who reflects the world of ambient-rock from an affinity with the sea. The ambient experimental sounds that Rake develops can’t help but draw even the most ardent land-lubber to an integration with […]

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