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Dalia is the indie singer-songwriter Jennay Lozicky based in Los Angeles – USA. This is the second performer I have written about today who transcends musical style definition. Dalia affords the listener to quite simply – settle back and let the music flows is path. Acoustics are accompanied by a scintillating voice which captures the mind and […]

Stuart Newman – World Made Of Water – Video only

Stuart Newman, from England, who the indie bands blog has been following on and off since 2010 has just released a further track – World Made of Water. With his customary sharp critique, the lyric is delivered with calmness. Join the indie bands blog on Facebook for more of the best lyricists from around the world […]

Nicole Taylor

Nicole Taylor from Sydney in Australia is an indie pop singer songwriter. Squeezy lemonade sounds are stirred with acerbic vocals to raise a sound which  engages the dance buttons and the thought processes. Immediately on hitting play the ears are drawn to references of the most influential  indie pop lyricists across the past three decades, but rather than turning in to […]

Lillian Todd-Jones

Lillian Todd-Jones is an indie perfomance singer songwriter from Dartmoor in England. Pulling experiences from a variety of directions –  musical, literary, imagination and literal I hope this is not the golden hour of the steam-punk that is Lillian Todd-Jones. She delivers an amazing vocal which is not likely to be lost and is control […]

Kissed Her Little Sister

Kissed Her Little Sister is the lo-fi indie snger songwriter Jeffrey from Los Angeles in the USA. There must be millions of aspiring musicians sitting in their rooms working out how to get their thoughts in to a musical format. Most won’t ever make the translation, The vast majority of the rest create something that […]

Willie Ames

Willie Ames is an acoustic folk / rock - guitarist / banjoist /singer / songwriter from San Diego in the USA who can be found incessantly touring the USA. Sitting comfortably in the ears, Willie Ames is one of those hard working solo musicians who provide a steer to new musicians. Through graft he has been able to tour extensively throughout the […]


Klassik is a solo hip-hop jazz musician from Milwaukee in the USA. Early on Saturday morning as I type, I find myself somewhat surprised by the world as I listen to a fusion of Jazz and hip-hop, two genres I struggle with, but my face is wreathed in a smile. A highly proficient alto-sax and pianoforte player, […]

Nomad Carlos

Nomad Carlos is a ‘Miami born, Kingston bred’ hip-hop artist, making a big impact on the scene in Jamaica. Lyrics that relate to everyday life and impeccable delivery make him well worthy of praise. Nathan Sturgeon has set out to pursue his own career in music, so this may well be the last review from Nathan […]

Danny Stoddard

Danny Stoddard is from Brooklyn in the USA. Danny is an Indie Rock singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist who is responsible for Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass, &  Synths on his material. I rarely mention age, as it seems condescending or meaningless, but on this occasion it is apposite to mention he is 17 and evidently a highly able […]

Nadine Carina

Nadine Carina is a solo singer songwriter. With Croatian / Italian parentage, born in Switzerland she is now based in Liverpool in England where she creates and delivers experimental alternative folk, which reflects that diversity of influence, through a diversity of instruments including: Piano; Guitar and; MIDI Keyboard. Kicking back in the garden on a sunny afternoon […]

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