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London Irish Showcase Luminaire March 2010

Jay Mistry dug deep in to his pockets and managed to get another great night together in his London Irish Showcase series, this time at Luminaire in Kilburn, North London. Thanks Jay, good to meet and a great night. Three bands took to the stage, first up Kyle John Suckling, followed by A Plastic Rose […]

Reader’s Wives at Peter Parker’s Rock & Roll Club

Sometimes you look around a venue and know before the band get on stage it is going to be a great evening and that was precisely the atmosphere at the Reader’s Wives show on Thursday night at the Peter Parker’s Rock & Roll club in London. How could it possibly go wrong when on arrival […]

Reader’s Wives – Secrecy and Sex EP

Available from 9th November is the Reader’s Wives debut EP Secrecy and Sex. The five track EP showcases the superb songwriting skills, which mark out the Dublin based band from the run of the mill. Sexually attracted to myself, is a lilting piece of work which provides a breadth of humour, superb instrumentation and real […]