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The Lucid Dream

The Lucid Dream is a psychedelic rock band from Carlisle in England. Back in 2008 Mark Emmerson (Vocals / Guitar), Wayne Jefferson (Guitar / Vocals), Mike Denton (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Luke Anderson (Drums / Percussion) got together and the band has gone from strength to strength. When the website started there were two self imposed promises made: 1. All […]

(the) Umbrella Cult

(the) Umbrella Cult is made up of Brockford (Guitar / Vocals),  Isaac (Guitar), Garrett Von Rad (Guitar), Dave (Bass), Promise (Tambourine / Vocals) and Alex (Drums) from Sarasota in the USA. As Aristophanes puts it in The Ecclesiazusae - Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphiparaomelitokatakechymenokichle- pikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokiglopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon, there isn’t much musical ground that isn’t put in to the stew. To take the final lines from the play […]

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate is a London, England, based Psychedelic Rock out-fit which centres around Malcolm Itsadequate (Vocals / guitar / keyboard) with the addition of:  Kathryn Thomas (Flute); Mark Gatland (Bass); Rudy Roo (Drums) and/or Ibon Ibon (Guitar) where appropriate. Having had one of my not infrequent head exploding moments, Malcolm kindly replied back to me with some additional information […]

Sand Reckoner

Sand Reckoner originally from Doylestown in the USA is a Psychedelic Rock trio - Benjamin Hughes (Drums), Jonathan Lesh (Bass / Vocals/ Guitar) and M. Reverdy Rhodes (Guitar / Vocal / Bass) now based in Boston, USA. With appropriate confidence Sand Reckoner tackles blues infused psychedelia delivering a comforting sound like and elder sibling draping an arm over […]

Lucid Fool

Lucid Fool is a lo-fi psychedelic rock band from Vancouver in the USA. The trio of Cody Railey (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Brandon Clark (Drums / Backing Vocals) and Oliver Godson (Bass) have been around since the turn of the decade and are building up a back-catalogue of material. I often find my-self garnering information of a […]

The New Madrid Fault Line

The New Madrid Fault Line based in St. Louis in the USA comprises brothers Cody and Brandon Petit alongside Spencer Yates. They are painters of music, taking whatever comes to hand and mind to create psychedelic gaze to caress the ears. The loose-knit notes which lope out of the speakers gently massage the brain with a slightly eerie […]

Truck D

Truck D is a relatively new collective from Long Beach in the USA. Centred around Benjamin Adamson, musicians and instruments are as varied as the influences. Benjamin Adamson (vocals / trumpet /synth), Chris Raymond (guitar), Ross Garren (keys), Mike Lindsay (drums), Justin Kirk (trombone), Vikram Devashtali (trombone), Robby Marshal (tenor / soprano), Josh Nyback (bass), Eli Moynahan (monophonic conch shell) and others. So let’s just try […]

Jack Jeffery

Jack Jeffery is a solo artist from Virginia in the USA who has just released his follow up LP The Constant That Remains to the successful release of Passage to Agadir. Sunday seems to be the day I alight upon an ambience of calmness, so here again I arrive, snow has fallen on the ground, it is Sunday as […]

Seluah – Review of the album Red Parole

Seluah wandered in to focus back in 2000 were in the radar for a couple of years, drifted away to pursue other projects and on 10th April 2012 release an album – Red Parole. Sometimes being ‘interesting’ is merely being self-indulgent. The  Louisville, USA based quartet - Andrew Killmeier (Guitars), Matt Johnson (guitars), Andrew Peace (Bass) and Edward […]

Sleepy Sun

Sleepy Sun from San Francisco in the USA are a psychedelic rock band which includes - Benjamin Brown, Peter Brown, Louis Brown, Edward Brown, Donald Brown and DJ Tanner on the roster, whose first recording was back in 2008. Sometimes you just know when you hear a band it is something special and Sleepy Sun are of […]

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