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East-Ra is the solo project of Dino Santaleza who hails from Labin, a small village in Croatia located in the Istra region. Many thanks to Robbie who  took the time from his schedule to write this review. After being lucky enough to speak to Dino it became clear that Istra has a rich history of song […]

The Dirty Feathers

The Dirty Feathers is a psychedelic Rock band from Champaign in the USA. Vladimir Brilliant, Ted Faust, Harman Jordan, Andrew Kling and James Treichler deliver a taste of space to the world of music. I am thinking of wet-clay, no let me rephrase that. In reality I am still shaking my head at the misspelling of Champagne, those of close inspection […]

Inca Gold

Inca Gold is a psychedelic pop band from London in England. Back at the end of 2010 Ezequiel Claverie, Ben Chatwin, Alex Lewis and Chris Howarth decide the time was right to strike a noise in the world of music themselves and barely two years later we find ourselves with their recently released third EP, entitled accurately […]


Softspot are a trio from Brooklyn, New York in the USA (and I wonder how many times I have written Brooklyn, New York, USA before now) what a hive of creativity. Sarah Kinlaw, Bryan Wade Keller Jr. and Andrew Spaulding. Don’t you just love the Jr. bit…., will his son become the third? Anyway I digress… […]


Ganglians are a four piece psychedelic beach surf band from Sacramento in the USA. Ryan Grubbs (vocals), Kyle Hoover (guitar), Adrian Comenzind (bass) and Alex Sowles (drums) have been around a few years now and have just released their third LP, on this occasion a double Album, Still Living. A fusion of psychedelia, surf-pop and experimentalism, with a […]