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Band of the week 5th to 11th August 2012

The Band of the week 5th to 11th August 2012 is, appropriately given the trial, Pussy Riot from Russia. Once again the readers of the website have demonstrated their eclectic and global taste for music. 1. Pussy Riot (Russia) 2. Ellis Ashbrook (USA) Meridia is available on * 3. A Dark Horse (Ireland) 4. Tiger Love […]

Ellis Ashbrook

Ellis Ashbrook a progressive indie rock band from Brooklyn in the USA comprises - John Barber (vocals, lead guitar squeals, disoriented cries), Natalie Lowe (vocals, keys, periscopic pings), Jonathan Granoff (bass, squishy underwater sounds, bombs) and Alex Major (drums, electronic percussion, perceptual shifts). Great fun to be had taking a listen to Ellis Ashbrook, wholesome progressive rock meets exploration […]