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Inches From The Ground

Inches From The Ground is a melodic rock band from Worcestershire in England. Chris Vaughan (Drums), Kurt Teale (Bass / Vocals / Keyboards), Bernardo Portela (Guitar / Lead Vocals / Bass) and Chris Hyman (Lead Guitar) got together in 2012 and have just released their first four track eponymous EP. These guys have chosen a difficult space in which to gain […]


Mooner is a melodic rock band from Chicago in the USA. Originally formed as a solo project by Lee Ketch (guitars / lead vocal) in Portland in 2007, not until 2011 did the band take shape and a move to Chicago has seen additional line-up changes to (in addition to Lee) David Ketch (guitar), Dann Morr […]

Union General

Union General from Sherbrooke in Canada started out life in 2009 and the quartet of Stéphane Messier (Vocal / Keys), Ève Bonin (Bass) Johann Schmitz (Guitar) Karl Schmitz (Drums) have recently released their pop-rock eponymous debut LP. There is a sense of the Déjà vu in the music, which ripples with new wave influences, whilst pulling in […]