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EndAnd is a noise-punk/post-hardcore trio from Brooklyn, New York, featuring Daniel Fern (guitars, vocals), Mike Morales (drums, percussion) and Bill Fitzgerald (bass, vocals). The first thing to hit me about EndAnd was the technicality of the drumming and inventive melodies. Their latest release, Mechanics & Energetics of Stilt-Running, opens with At Fault’s End, a song […]


Skinwalkers is Lach Jenno (Vocals / Guitar), Matt Turner (Drums / Vocals) and Lachlan (Bass / Vocals) an indie rock band from Brisbane in Australia. Formed back in 2008 Skinwalkers have gone through iterations of musical construct but have always remained constant on the focus and sharp readers will have spotted that Matt Turner and I had a […]

Slim Loris

Slim Loris is an Indie band from Stockholm in Sweden with the line-up of Mattias Cederstam (Vocals / Bass / Piano), Robert Barrefelt (Guitars) and when live also includes Jonas Ellenberg (Drums) and Leon Lindström (Guitars / Vocals). You just know when you come to a Swedish indie band there will be something marking a difference and […]

Wooly Mammoth

Wooly Mammoth is an indie band from Ontario in Canada comprising Jessiah Devine and Paul Vroom. I can only really say that it is the earthy realism of Wooly Mammoth that I enjoy. They are one of those bands I had to take on a second listening to get to grips with and the reason I took […]

Katja Luhtala

Katja Luhtala is an Alternative indie rock singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist from Helsinki in Finland. The music of Katja Luhtala slides like a warming triple vodka into the bloodstream. A dark and brooding vocal immediately captures the attention whilst the metronomic musical tempos thrum into the head like a mystical spell and the listener remains captivated […]

The Sea The Sea

The Sea The Sea is an indie-dream rock band from Oxford in England.  The five piece line-up of Matthew Clarkson, Danny Crane-Brewer, David Freeman, Stuart Norfolk and Matteo Cocco have a new limited edition CD available today – 20th April 2013 in support of record store day which is available at  Truck Store in Cowley Road […]

Green Express

Green Express is the alternative rock quartet of Daniel Green (Guitar / Lead vocal), Lipes (Guitar) , Butch (Bass) and Tomaz Lenz (Drums) from Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Mixing up the styles with nods to psychedelia and grunge, Green Express is at heart a rock ‘n’ roll band with extensions.  Their ability to pipette disparate influences gives the sound a […]

Little Dove

Little Dove is the indie rock duo of Vanja James (Guitar Vocals) and Dylan Cooper (Drums) from Los Angeles in the USA. I was keen to introduce Little Dove for a few reasons, predominately of course for the music – but also… Their first gig was only 8 days ago (4th April 2013) at The Viper Room, […]

A Primitive Evolution

A Primitive Evolution is the alternative rock trio of Brett Carruthers (Vocals / Guitar), Stu Dead (Drums) and Stephany Seki (Bass / Vocals) from Toronto in Canada. Rolling peels of bass rattle through the speakers as A Primitive Evolution play the darker side of rock. There is in earthy tinge to the music which is delivered with precision. The […]

The Banter Thiefs

The Banter Thiefs is an indie rock band from Motherwell in Scotland. Back in 2007 the germ of an idea came to mind which expanded to the current line-up of David Clark, Derek Watson, Keith Condie and Darren O’Rourke. Hit play – energy comes surging out of the speakers and this I enjoy – I wish I could say […]

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