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Boxed Wine – EP review – Cheap, Fun

It was back in August 2012 that I introduced the US indie band Boxed Wine and they have now released their EP – Cheap, Fun which came out on the 22nd January 2013. Opening with Bones - an indie rock number with an upped tempo as the instantly recognizable enhanced percussion and bass rattles the speakers, whilst the lyrics […]

Edine avec Lisle Mitnik et son orchestre

Edine avec Lisle Mitnik et son orchestre also known simply as Edine is the duo of Edine based in Hong Kong and England and Lisle Mitnik based in the USA who create their individualistic alternative indie collaborations through the internet. Both play in other bands whilst finding time to collaborate and to get the momentum going have […]

Ginger and The Ghost – One Type of Dark – Audio only

The Sydney, Australia based indie pop duo who make up Ginger and the Ghost are busy working on their debut EP and at present there isn’t much recorded music to hear. What little music I have been able to find indicates an interesting out-fit and it is with anticipation that I look forward to being […]

Jungle Doctors

Jungle Doctors – is a five piece indie pop band from Teddington in England with a five piece line-up of Sam Budd (Lead Vocals / Guitars / Keys), Will Tyler (Backing Vocals / Bass / Guitars), David Thomas (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Angus McGuinness (Rhythm Guitar) and Louis Watton (Drums / Occasional Cow Bell). This is one of those […]

Once Okay Twice

Once Okay Twice is an indie-rock band from Washington DC in the USA. The four-piece line-up comprises - Ian Thomas (Vocals),  Tyler Elliott (Guitar), Nick Hardt (Bass) and Nic Iraci (Drums). I was intrigued by the name as it sounds like half a phrase or a missing comma. But were that all I had to say it really would […]

Yes Cadets – Seconds in a Minute – video

Yes Cadets the Northern Ireland based indie-pop trio who were reviewed in August  released the 5 track EP – Le Mans on the 8th October 2012 for worldwide digital distribution.   To accompany the release Yes Cadets also have a video for the second track on the EP – Seconds in a Minute. Le Mans is available on * […]

Le Paige

Le Paige is an indie-pop band from Hollywood in the USA. The quartet of Beau Garner (Vocals), Adrian Padua (Guitar), Nick Banaszak (Bass) and Luke Denney (Drums) have come out of the blocks full of running and are gathering a rapidly burgeoning fan-base. We find a band with plenty to add to genuine music. Preppy-pop is torn like […]

Sink Swim

Sink Swim is an indie pop band from Newbury Park in the USA. The quartet of Dane Petersen (Vocals / Guitar), Jake Lopez (guitar) , Blake Waller (Bass) and Corey Backer (Drums) released their debut EP – Elements – early 2012. In addition to the expected bubble-wrap Sink Swim is able to turn a hand to slower and more melancholic sounds […]

Nicole Taylor

Nicole Taylor from Sydney in Australia is an indie pop singer songwriter. Squeezy lemonade sounds are stirred with acerbic vocals to raise a sound which  engages the dance buttons and the thought processes. Immediately on hitting play the ears are drawn to references of the most influential  indie pop lyricists across the past three decades, but rather than turning in to […]


Abadabad from Allston in the USA is the dream-wave quartet of Jeremy Lee Given, Adam Taylor Young, Welly Netto and Josh Northcutt. Sounds that resonate of a Tarantino film spill out of the speakers. Were this a restaurant meal it would be Nouvelle Cuisine and a bit like Marmite, if you don’t like it, it is unlikely […]

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