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Sleepwalker’s Station

Sleepwalker’s Station from Berlin in Germany can be found across the festival circuit throughout Europe. The indie folk band, made up of Daniel (Vocal / Guitar / Piano / Harmonica), Giulia (Slide guitar / Vocals), FRX (Cello), Andy (Percussion), Vic (Guitars), Pila/Felix (Drums), J.D/Anis (Bass), Julia (Vocals) and Hannes (double bass / synths), came to fruition in late 1998. Whilst unsurprisingly Sleepwalker’s Station compose fairly complex […]


Fathead from Karlsruhe in Germany is an indie rock quartet made-up of  Benson (Vocals / Guitar), André (Drums / Vocals), Gert Korn (Guitar / Vocals) and Ilja (Bass / Vocals). You only have to raise half a hip and Fathead leverage a hand in to the moshpit. This is teen-angst ohne vergleich as the band tease you inside, so the material slows to a […]

Rigna Folk

Rigna Folk is a conceptual ambient rock band from Ulm in Germany. Jens Schalle (Guitar / Synth) , Viktor Nordir (Vocal Guitar), Chriss Fakler (Bass) and Vlad Müller (Drums) have created a context which is reflective of a rain swept industrialised city reminiscent of the 1930s and look to create this atmosphere in their live performances […]


Becquerels is not as may be assumed in anyway related to radioactive decay, nor physicists from France, but a five piece indie band from München in Germany. Having originally played under the name of Lagoon, the name change reflected a more structured song-writing direction. El Rabanito Becquerel (Vocals / Drums / Percussion), Joe Becquerel (Vocal / Bass), Mellen Becquerel […]

Stereo Total

The duo Stereo Total from Berlin, Germany, comprise of Françoise Cactus (drums and vocals) and Brezel Göring (guitar, synthesizer, sampler) have for over a decade been releasing their prolific output, with 9 albums and more than 150 songs behind them. Listening to the effervescent Stereo Total can’t fail but make my day seem far better. […]

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