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New Year Ninety 2012 90 to 81

Kicking off the New Year Ninety 2012 from 90 to 81. Representations from Asia, Europe and North America in this segment of the chart. 90 – Sistra (Russia) 89 -Hotel of The Laughing Tree (USA) 88 – Four Quartets (England) Magpie by Four Quartets 87 – The Polyamorous Affair (USA) 86 – Rev78 (England) 85 – […]

Four Quartets | The Paragon of Animals

Four Quartets a vehicle for Rob Sharples a talented multi-instrumentalist from Bristol in England release  – The Paragon of Animals – a fourteen track album on 7th March 2011 in hard copy, it is already available in digital format. Opening with Whitewash, a useful opener to the album, as Rob, creates a flowing melodic scape, […]