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Visitors from North London in England is the trio of  Ben Gold (vocals / keys), Ricky Whybrow (guitar) and Alfie Tammaro (drums) who produce an electro indie-pop sound. This is probably as near to mainstream I can manage to drive. There is a direct line back to the new romantics of the early ’80s with the […]

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is a solo electro-pop creator from Columbus in the USA. From time to time I just trip over something, usually ending up with bruised shins, but on this occasion I ended up with a big grin on my face. Bang on the 2:50 to 3:20 mark Ryan Smith delivers entrancing tempos which drill their way […]

The Emergency

The Emergency is a Melbourne, Australia based electro-pop team of Mila, Morgan and Cinta (Drums). Having started as a four-piece, distillated down to two and just added a live drummer the band has had an intriguing development, but they have now honed in on a space which is… Engaging bass challenges my sub-woofer, not to mention the […]

Animaux Surround

Animaux Surround is a solo project for cinematographer singer songwriter Isidore Hibou to translate visuals in to music. Based in Paris, France, Animaux Surround came in to fruition in late 2010 with the  EP Booking Rooms appearing in July 2011, which is to be followed later this year (2012) by a planned second release. The music blends electro-pop […]

Michael Hensley

Michael Hensley is a solo musician from Boston in the USA who pours his energy in to electro-pop. Timing couldn’t have been much better that I received an email from Neil Campau at Punks and Criminals with an introduction to Michael Hensley. I read an article just before I went away for a few days […]

Ana Lola Roman

Ana Lola Roman from Brooklyn in New York is Ana Lola Roman and JeanLuc Sinclair breezing around the block with a euro-electronica sound more at home in Berlin. The hidden added value is JeanLuc Sinclair, who takes a back seat to the evocative Ana Lola Roman and here we have a sublime combination, the music is a premier-cru […]

We Have Band

We Have Band from Manchester in England is a three piece electro-pop outfit comprising Thomas Wegg-Prosser, Dede Wegg-Prosser and Darren Bancroft. The interesting fact for me is that I received contact from Tell all your friends PR - based in the USA whilst their three so called UK promoters, couldn’t be bothered to lift hand to keyboard, but […]


Delica-m, is a band fromToronto in Canada - Herm (vocals / Keys), Em (vocals), Rich (guitar) and Steve (stunt keys) push out in intriguing electro-pop sound. Perhaps it is because I was just reading a press release about a Metal Festival, but the vocal is a touch of magic with Delica-m, taking the band away from an arty electro-band […]

Bronze Medallists

Bronze Medallists is a band from London in England comprising of Oliver Price, Oliver Sheppard, Ben Ferrari and Luke Roberts. Back in 2009 they had an idea and now we find that idea becoming an electro-pop reality. The self-effacing name just meant I had to take a listen and it made sense. The music is as understated […]


Fanfic is a two piece Electro-pop band from San Antonio – USA. RanDingo 777 8===D and Joe Green are relatively new off the blocks and by the sounds emerging are a duo to keep an eye on. Aside from the music, Joe also doubles as a writer, political researcher and activist – so how could I not […]

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