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Emerging from London in England is the indie rock duo of Leigh Alexandra and Drew Wale who make up Kissimmee. Warming up the day is an engaging rock driven sound that charges out of the speakers like a bull on speed, as raucous energy hurls the listener from their slumber. A reference to alternative new wave from yesteryear is wrapped […]


Radjoteatern from Stockholm in Sweden is the electronic-indie duo of Pontus Englund and Pentti Lindén who started the band back in 2010. There is always a frisson of excitement when material arrives from Sweden, a hot-bed of some of the most avant-garde and engaging music from around the world. Radjoteatern do not let the expectations down. This music seems […]

James & Evander

James & Evander is a synth-pop duo from Oakland in the USA. Adam Myatt and Glenn Jackson started working together while art students back in 2006, their sound has developed from its roots in indietronic instrumental to a far more velvety feeling out-put. Think of putting chocolate on to melt, for a while nothing happens and tempting as it […]

Little Hurricane

Little Hurricane is an indie rock duo of cc and tone from San Diego in the USA who manage to sound as though the more normal band structure of four people is an extravagance. The power-base behind Little Hurricane is the thumping tempo which drives the music forward. I have heard many bands with twice the […]