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Meltybrains? is Ben, Donnacha, Tadhg, Micheál and Brian an ambient electro-rock band from Dublin in Ireland. A surreal sense of humour and take on the world akin to Dali meets Private Eye set to music greets the ears with the output of Meltybrains?. The electro-ambience is flecked with experimental directions, yet there is a recognizable format to the sound which is […]

Unquiet Nights

Unquiet Nights are a three-piece rock band from Dublin in Ireland, comprised of Luke Mathers, Rodger Firmin and John Rossi. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce a new writer on the Indie Bands Blog – Robbie Gallagher – who is currently studying music at Northampton University. The boys from Belfast have gained considerable […]

The Parlez

The Parlez, from Dublin in Ireland, is an indie-pop duo made up of brothers - Dermot Walsh (vocals, music, songwriting) and Neil Walsh (music, songwriting). Set to a ’60s pop structure The Parlez take this basic template and create a moody psychedelic twist by weaving influences from the intervening half a century and on listening you […]

A Dark Horse

From Dublin in Eire we find the duo of James Parker (Vocal / Guitar) and Hugh Rodgers (Guitar / Vocal / Banjo / Bouzouki / Piano / Organ) with friends: Niall Woods (Percussion / Drums); Adrian Mullan (Drum Kit); Luke Slott (Piano); Vyvienne Long (Cello) and Adrian Mullan Snr. (Accordion) aka A Dark Horse. Well you can tell from that list this isn’t […]