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The Dates

The Dates is Dan Cox (Vocals / Guitar), Joe Gannaway (Guitar), Moe Redish (Bass), Kipp Boucher (Drums) an indie rock band from Brighton in England. On a sunny Friday the dolly mixture shoegazy pop sits so well with the impending barbecue, as ska influences bounce around the garden. The Dates mix up a tasty cocktail of influences to generate […]

Robot Company

Robot Company is an alternative indie rock band from Birmingham in England. M. Scott Bishop (vocal / guitar), Simon Heydecker-Dent  (vocal / bass) and Ian Shirley (drums) have been together since September 2011. I often wonder about band names and why they are selected, having been in two, it mattered hugely at the time and I can […]


Archeo is from London in England and is the solo pop vehicle for the 21 year old singer songwriter.   Not trying to be anything other than what he is Archeo has finally enticed me to write about pop music, not because it is pop music, but because this demonstrates clearly that mainstream doesn’t have to mean bleeding ears […]


Sonner from Sunderland in England deliver an emotional heart to rock music as Mick Corkhill, Gareth Ord, Tom Elliott and Gary Partridge reflect the world around them. The more I hear musicians from the North East of England, the more I question my long-held perceptions. I am wondering whether this really is the hardened face of industrial deprivation as many […]