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Mike Colin

Mike Colin is an alternative indie singer songwriter from Denver in the USA. It was with some consternation that I met the email from Mike describing himself as an Electroacoustic Rock, Rap and Reggae music artist. So it was with a vague headache I opened the link to take a listen – but it has always been a cast […]


Deerman is a five piece alternative indie band from Sint-Niklaas in Belgium. Sofie (Vocals), Jonas (Guitar),  Anthony (Guitar), Niels (Bass) and Dorus  (Drums) got together in the summer of 2012 and set about playing their wares on the live circuit. A languid Stoner derivative meanders out of the speakers to fold around the listener as Deerman make full use […]


Audioshock is the alternative indie rock four piece of Jack Kinden (Guitar / Vocals), Billy Banyard (Bass / Vocals), Charlie Banyard (Drums) and Max Minus (Keys/Synth) based in Sandwich, England. With the ability to stray in to melodic big stadium rock and earthy indie rock Audioshock makes for an interesting band, which in their moments of travel retain a tidal-wave of sound which features […]


From Linköping in Sweden we find Gus Ring (guitars / vocals), Anders Persson (drums / percussion) and Jacob Häggberg (bass / backing vocals) who make up the alternative indie band Soundmeds. On hitting play your ears will immediately recognize the open spaces and melodic influences must be from Scandinavia. Once again we find a band exploring isolation and vastness with visual creativity through […]


Kollaps is a three piece alternative indie band based in  Budapest in Hungary. The trio of Oleg Tooff Zubkov  (vocals / bass), Sarkadi Miklós (vocals /guitar) and Francis (drums) combine musicians from Eastern Russia as well as Hungary. Smack bang in the middle of what I enjoy, with hints of The Stranglers I am pleased that the guys from Kollaps managed […]

Edine avec Lisle Mitnik et son orchestre

Edine avec Lisle Mitnik et son orchestre also known simply as Edine is the duo of Edine based in Hong Kong and England and Lisle Mitnik based in the USA who create their individualistic alternative indie collaborations through the internet. Both play in other bands whilst finding time to collaborate and to get the momentum going have […]

The Milk Bar

The Milk Bar is an alternative Indie Rock Band from London in England. Leon Milk, Ben Sands and Ginger Drage played Open Mic nights until earlier in 2012 they decided to make a break for it. This is a sound with which I am immediately able to identify. Simply shrouded sounds weave their waves in to the room landing in the […]

Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun

Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun is an an alternative indie rock band constituted of John Falcone (Drums), Victor Fernandes (Vocals), Wayne Green (Bass), Craig Monaco (Guitars)and Paul Falcone  (keys) from New York in the USA. Maybe it is just that today as I write is particularly chilly as winter begins to draw down its cloak, but not only does Their Planes […]


E-MUTE is an alternative indie band from London in England comprising the quartet of E-MUTE (Vocals / Drums / Piano), Svetlana Vassileva (Bass /Vocals), Darren Ashford (drums) and Tolis Zavaliaris (Guitars / Vocals). These are musicians with experience 0f working with larger bands and I must confess I was somewhat sceptical as to what this would be about when […]

Hitchcock Blonde – Five Pounds – EP review

Hitchcock Blonde is an alternative indie rock band from London, England, formed in 2009 when Ella Grace (Vocals), Drew Wynen (Guitar), Joss Nightingale (Bass) and Ben Davies (Drums) got together to launch their thoughts on the world. This month –  October 2012 – they deliver the debut six track EP – Five Pounds. The opener – Baby Knows Best is a […]

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