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Pretty Solitude review of the LP Hollow

The Swedish four-piece Pretty Solitude have had a busy month with their debut Single – Bring it On – having landed on the 1st October 2012 and their twelve track debut LP – Hollow – set for release on the 1st November 2012, both published by Precious Elsa Music. Hollow starts with – Bring it On […]

Seluah – Review of the album Red Parole

Seluah wandered in to focus back in 2000 were in the radar for a couple of years, drifted away to pursue other projects and on 10th April 2012 release an album – Red Parole. Sometimes being ‘interesting’ is merely being self-indulgent. The  Louisville, USA based quartet - Andrew Killmeier (Guitars), Matt Johnson (guitars), Andrew Peace (Bass) and Edward […]

Stellarscope Album review

Stellarscope, a perennial favourite on the indie bands blog, have a new 11 track album set for release on 25th November 2011, blending indie-pop textures with throwbacks to the last two decades of the 20th Century. As soon as I have links for the release of the eponymous album. I’ll share them, for now, this is what […]

Cosmo Jarvis | Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange? – album review

Cosmo Jarvis returns with another of his releases, this time Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?, which came out on 26th September 2011. There are various versions of the album, so I’ll just concentrate on the 11 core tracks in this review. The album opens with Gay Pirates, which initially reminds me of Friggin’ in […]

The Truth Of All Love by Ben Rusch

The singer songwriter, Ben Rusch has just released his latest offering, The Truth of All Love, a 12 track release. As readers of the website will be well aware, the musical out-put of Ben Rusch and my personal preference in music are poles apart, but this is a powerful and evocative release which deserves a […]

My Glorious | Home is where the heart breaks

My Glorious, a trio from Vienna, Austria, have just released their debut LP*, Home is where the heart breaks. A 12 track release with the help of Raphael Spanocchi, to generate an LP which contains much experimentation in the laying down of the tracks. Love Extenders, the opening track sets the scene for the release […]