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The Suicide Denial

The Suicide Denial – a duo out of Los Angeles in the USA, are Chad Gerber (Vocals, Guitar) and Chad McKinsey aka 2012 – (Vocals, Drums), came about in 2007 and have a couple of releases behind them.

The Suicide Denial

The Suicide Denial

Tosh…. No is that just a duo? Well I think live they are a trio, so not so sure about anything now…. The Suicide Denial should be everything I hate about wanna-be bands, pastiche, a mock-up, that mewling cat snort vocal that emanates from Southern USA, but I am enjoying this, how did that happen, The Suicide Denial despite flirting with plagiarism capably manoeuvre half a step away and find themselves in some new space. Energy flies out of the speakers demanding space, as they take raw construct and successfully reconstruct it as a tidy progression of sounds. High tempo guitar is met with rebounding percussion, which has exposes the vertebrae of skeletons long dead, yet the gnawing of a vulture eating dead flesh holds a fascination.

Perhaps it is because they have missed the band wagon that I find their material so refreshing. This is a band who play what they enjoy in a world which has moved forward a few steps, while they take a splash of the ‘Brute force’ of ‘Enrys ‘Ammer (wow that is really an English throwback, if you are still with me, good on you, if not, think retro).

Pugalists in the ring is the best way to describe The Suicide Denial. Is it a deadly knock out, or just that Cooper knock-down. Well I think they are a winner – despite all you may have thought up to now. Superb constructs of simple scales are forced through the ears and the duo capably engage the listener as they rebound ever more forcefully against each other.

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Released in 2011 We’ll Go Down Fighting is an interesting introduction to The Suicide Denial and is available on We'll Go Down Fighting - The Suicide Denial*

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