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Space Creator Band

Space Creator Band from North Carolina in the USA, are a three piece outfit who since their inception in 2007, though Gus Vasilopoulos, Roger Campbell and Ben Erne, have played together in one guise or another since 1996, have created over 300 songs, a mere 110 in 2009.

Space Creator Band

Space Creator Band

Their output is as diverse as the musical instruments they use, which include guitar, bass, ukelele, cuatro, baglama, mandolin, bouzouki, drums, percussion, keyboards, synthesizer, ocarina, harmonica, banjo and hang drum. Listening to theri 96 box set CD takes you across rock, classical, jam, world, blues, pop, ambient, rap, alternative, metal, bluegrass, folk, jazz, funk, hip-hop, reggae, soul, dance, country, psychedelic, fusion, house, have I missed anything I wonder?

Such prolific output in itself is worth a mention, the fact that it works well is even more of a credit to Space Creator Band. For sure some of their output will be criticised for speed of production, but to layer the band with ‘label’ expectations is surely to miss the point.

It is exciting to come across bands like this who can keep churning out music and lyric at the prodigious rate they manage, that is not only original, but unrepetitive.

While they are seeking professional representation, I hope they will maintain the absolute freshness that comes from such a high level of creativity.

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In addition to knocking out the odd tune here and there the guys are also all artists and work in mediums including drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpting, textiles, printmaking, writing poetry and writing stories.

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5 Responses to “Space Creator Band”
  1. [Blocked by CFC] Josh Wagner says:

    Space Creator Band is spectacular. I listen to their music all the time. I think its incredible how fast they make their music and not only that, how good it sounds. Gus is my neighbor and I get to see first hand how they do it and I also get to see how talented he is. I think with the effort they put in to it, they’ll go far.

  2. Ben says:

    SPACE CREATOR BAND would like to say thanks again to all the folks at indiebandsblog for your kind words…

    We also wanted to let everyone know YOU can download our 8 song CD for FREE at our website !! Enjoy !



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