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Softspot are a trio from Brooklyn, New York in the USA (and I wonder how many times I have written Brooklyn, New York, USA before now) what a hive of creativity. Sarah Kinlaw, Bryan Wade Keller Jr. and Andrew Spaulding. Don’t you just love the Jr. bit…., will his son become the third? Anyway I digress…



A warm glow immediately encompasses the room as Softspot hue in to view. The band sinks echoes, one to the other, creating an infusion of emotion as they carve rich grooves in to psychedelia.

The vocal screeches like a dark black Crow overhead, whilst on the ground the potential targets scatter and so Softspot target the fray and pull out tasty morsels on which to dwell. The beating wings of the music powerfully beating as the band rockets skyward to soar high in the sky once again. Yet the listener remains unthreatened and able to listen to the vibrancy whilst revelling in the strength and purpose of direction.

There is a real depth to the music which comforts, while enthralling the ears as the music merges in to a mystique of sound.

For only three players, that is pretty neat going.

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