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Small Black

Small Black are a four piece out-fit from Brooklyn in the USA. Ryan Heyner, Josh Kolenik, Juan Pieczanski and Jeff Curtin are a hard working group who produce strange beats, dreamy synths, and  laid-back melodies.

Small Black

Small Black

I am so laid back writing this review of Small Black as their dreamy melodies flow through my head, that concentrating on writing doesn’t come naturally.

Lo-Fi is immensely powerful well crafted with care and by capable musicians, which is precisely where Small Black are so effective. Effortlessly, waves of sound are projected, melting into the overall production, like a bubbling marshmallow. An analogy that is worth taking further perhaps, Small Black manage to stop that melting bubbling marshmallow from becoming a  burnt mess, as they keep pushing new echoes gently in to the atmosphere, each melting gently back in to the overall wave-form.

A sublime out-put from the Band which deserves some real credit for the way they manage to make some fairly complex mixes meld in to an effortless experience for the listener.


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