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Hailing from Long Island, New York in the USA come Slothbear.  Doug Bleek (bass), Ian Miniero (drums), Josh Ginsberg (guitar and vocals) and Craig Heed (guitar and vocals) got together back in 2008 since when they have enthralled those who listen.



A swarm of superbly discordant sounds appear like barbs and antagonise the eardrums. I am reminded of the of The Fall. Off beat, out of tune, unconstrained by musical construct, yet somehow an essential addition to the playlist. Slothbear demonstrate superb clarity of focus, which when the listener takes the time to focus is an amalgamation which sits in perfect harmony. Lyric and music exasperated with a world that fails to comprehend.

Discordant harmonies collide with the certainty of the Large Hadron Collider and instead of finding Bose-Higson particles, we find a shining diamond. I urge you to take a moment away from pre-conceptions and take a wander through the collective imagination of Slothbear.



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