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Random Parade

Random Parade from Orange Country in the USA is the indie-goth trio of Gregory Christopher (vocals / guitar), Doug Cummings (bass) and  James Ross (drums).

Random Parade By Bob Rodman

Random Parade By Bob Rodman

Like wandering through the dark recesses in the cellar armed with a candle, Random Parade emerge out of the gloom in a flickering shadow. The bass slides like melting wax out of the speakers, to the accompaniment of a superbly delivered shoegaze influenced guitar which adds to the atmospherics of the music. The flow trapped inside an unrelenting drum and the whole sound is enhanced by a nerve-tingling vocal.

The trio have a sublime structure in which they deliver music that oozes darkness. There is a touch of psychedelia that sits within the material, reminding me of some of Hawkwinds more esoteric flights of fantasy. Far better, this is contained within a tight structure in which all parts of the composition directly relate one to the other.

Even when Random Parade lighten the mood they reverberate at a similar level to Bowie’s - Major Tom. This is music I can happily listen to for many hours and is certainly a band worth getting to know. Fortunately there is plenty to hear as they have a few hours worth of material in their back catalogue.



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