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The six piece alternative indie band from Los Angeles in the USA, Races, came about from the disillusionment of Wade Ryff (Guitar / vocals)  who got together with Garth Herberg (Guitar),  Devon Lee (Vocals / Percussion),  Breanna Wood (Piano / vocals) Oliver Hild  (Bass / Moog) and Lucas Ventura (Drums / Percussion) and they set out to purvey their take on how music should sound.



I can only imagine the difficulty of running with a team of six, I fight with myself everyday, yet the sextet manage to get their heads together and the world of music has benefited substantially. The profusion of sound makers are deployed with calmness as the tracks benefit from the appropriate additions as and where necessary with-out ever feeling the need to over instrumentalise. In fact on individual songs the ears are surprised to hear the constructions which wheel around in syncopation. However, with the multiplicity of instruments and the skills sitting within the band members, as the tracks build one on the other, so the capability of the band comes to the fore.

There is pleasure to be taken in the melodic constructs that Races proffer, which each stand superbly in isolation, yet form a seamless amalgam when run consecutively. Whilst not bleeding edge there is something avant-garde about the material, that demonstrates the fusion of a multiplicity of instruments and players, to form an agglomeration that sounds some-what of the ’20s as in the 2020′s.

Unfortunately while Races are ahead of the game, if you are not in the USA as I write, you won’t be able to see the next video, so I have another to follow which is more widely available. Shame on the distributors  for the anodyne effort.

Yes this one sucks too, but if you aren’t in the USA the distributors for Race are not overly bothered. Lesson one in marketing. Shame really as I assure you the band is great.


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