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Queued Up

Queued Up is Todd Summers, Brendan Gill, Brett Hinton and Jack Saturn from Portland in the USA who deliver new wave pop.

Queued Up

Queued Up

The real joy of Queued Up is how they are able to take some fairly detailed compositions and work them in to an easy sound with a hallmark guitar jangle as the  two guitars play one against the other. Influences of  early ’80s New Wave are easily distinguished as is an affinity to rock of a few years earlier than that and they are able to wrap the material up in a sound that has, despite its easy familiarity, a new space in which to evolve.

The lyrics have are carefully written and move away from the common verse chorus composition and weave their way in to the songs as the story unfolds to equally well composed music. It is a pleasure to find a songwriter who doesn’t shirk from complex poetry and this gives the material a step above a crowded and regularly meaninglessness genre. So it is with pleasure I take this opportunity to introduce Queued Up to the Indie Bands Blog.

The infectious melodies soon find the listener dancing along in time grabbing hold of the music and despite many tracks running over four minutes, they seem short, which is due entirely to the lyrics and notes packed in to the time in constantly moving waves of sounds and energy.

Queued Up is a decent sounding out-fit I will be adding to my memories track-list.

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