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Propeller from San Francisco in the USA is the garage surf duo of Greg Randall and Will Anderson.



There is much delight to be taken from stripped and fuzzed fusions and Propeller is a deft exponent of the art-form. Somehow I find myself referencing The Ramones, despite there only being two players and whilst The Ramones would have played a multitude of notes in the space that Propeller swipe a strum, therein it lies and when you take a listen, you will either think I have lost the plot completely, or consider, as I do – this a is a smart outfit with much to offer.

Relatively new on the scene, the powerful material in my view just won’t stand up to the two players on live performance – delightful as it may be in recording, so this is an outfit next time we visit, I hope has an expanded line-up else they will for ever be recording artists and there is plenty here for a live audience to enjoy.

Merging garage rock and the equally local surf rock scenes, as the duo deploy employ a range of instruments to deliver sounds which are as vibrant as they are muted. I would venture to say this is a sound which has invigorated me the most so far in the first quarter of 2013 and as I have the opportunity to listen to about 200 bands a day, I guess that raises them to the top of about 14 000 bands so far.


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