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Otis Heat

Otis Heat is a three-piece rock group from Portland in the USA –  comprising of Sean O’Neill (vocals / bass), Mike Warner (guitar) and Buddy Weeks (drums).

Otis Heat

Otis Heat

After a break for a few months to get his head down on University and life Robbie is back with some thoughts to add to the Indie Bands Blog.

Their debut album Yoon was released in 2011 and features some very strong material, with a mixture of styles that keeps everything feeling fresh. O’Neill’s vocals are particularly versatile, reminiscent of a more nasal Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers while the melancholy wails of The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach spring to mind on more bluesy tracks. The songs are punchy and distinct, with  - Everybody Loves Me the Same Way –  being particularly memorable – after nearly a week I can still clearly recall the main vocal hook clear as crystal. Each track rolls along at a pleasing pace, never overstaying their welcome and changing the pace nicely. Their latest release, The Ugly EP, features a quartet of songs which have more of a country rock feel than their previous material, lacking the urgency and catchiness of Yoon.

Otis Heat is a promising band; they know how to craft fun music which demands the tapping of feet and the dancing of crowds. I highly recommend checking them out.


The Ugly EP – EP – Otis Heat is available on iTunes*.

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Good to have you back Robbie and look forward to more of your thoughts.

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