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Opaque Stutters

Opaque Stutters is the soloist Brian Cohen from Chicago in the USA with his alternative indie.

Opaque Stutters

Opaque Stutters

Perfectly suited to early Sunday afternoon as I write, Opaque Stutters has enough energy and drive to capture the attention, but is an easy sound with which to engage. I am often intrigued by the nature of solo artists and once again here is another musician who has the patience to lay instrument, after instrument, vocal after vocal to deliver something they are happy with, not to forget most tracks extend well beyond four minutes. As with many of the layering solo projects, live performance is somewhat problematical and I understand that Brian is looking to put together a tour in the summer of 2013 with a band.

Ranging through instruments and electronics Opaque Stutters delivers complexities of sounds that are somewhat reminiscent of  a firework as explosions of sound are encompassed with music that is left to trace a flow of waves across the tympanic membrane. The songs lament of relationships, whilst the music resonates of confidence, which marks an interesting maelstrom that is given contextualisation through sympathetic symbiotic relationships of vocal and music that carry the overall output on a foam ride on which the listener is invited to float.

It will be interesting to find out how the transition to a full band works out and I will stay in touch with the development of Opaque Stutters, which although it doesn’t sit in my natural sphere has piqued an interest.


Opaque Stutters – EP – Opaque Stutters is available on iTunes*.

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