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From Rochester in the USA we find Sara Passamonte (Lead Vocals),  J Passamonte (Drums / Vocals), Dylan Emerson (Guitar) and Robert Smith (Bass / Vocals) who formerly included Mike Ortolaza in the line-up who are the progressive rock band Nevergreen.



A blend of influences lie through the band which they turn-around to produce music with an engaging quality. I particularly like the use of reggae off-beats that strides through much of the material, which combines with classic rock to spirit the listener off to the sunshine. The vocal is given a run-out from time to time and there is a delightful rockers rasp that emerges when it allowed free.

All in all Nevergreen have, I must ‘fess exceeded my expectations as they are driving a new and open path, whereas I was anticipating a pale hue of sound. The textures that the band add to their material leaves the listener feeling somewhat better about life. Progressive Rock is always a genre I find a bit of a struggle as so much of it sits in the middle of the road and as with every middle of anything – unappealing.

So what lifts this, other than, the afore-mentioned?

It is partly the diversity of music the band is able to create as they range from the reggae beats to include blues and rock from the distant past to the current time, yet always deliver something fresh and engaging, the fact that this works as recording and I would anticipate equally well played live where the music would create a really positive atmosphere and their ability to not only mix up styles, but also tempos.

Gaining popularity for the very fact of its originality yet easy familiarity it will be interesting to see how Nevergreen progress.


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