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My Wooden LeG

My Wooden LeG from Dallas in the USA is a Romany Rock band centred around the core of  - Michael (Guitar / Vocals) and Joshua (Drums / Vocals).

My Wooden Leg

My Wooden LeG

My Wooden LeG fuse Rock with a Romany Dance filigree to deliver an instantly engaging sound which intrigues the ears.  With the composite influences there is a slightly theatrical sound to the out-put, but on this occasion it doesn’t detract from the sheer inventiveness and currency. With the disparate styles the out-fit is able to take the listener on an always interesting and fun ride of sound.

The band is able to throw a spanner in to the works of preconception as the incredible shift between Romany with an overlay of Rock and vice versa creates a completely different impact in the mind. It is this apparent dichotomy of sound which raises the band to one of the must have on my – challenging structures – playlist.

I even find myself listening to some Roots Ska as the band slide up and down the balance of influence.

In summation – yes please, more of this delicious mix, which does more to evidence the coexistence of different cultures than any amount of Political Correctness snaking its way out of the mouth of a bureaucrat.


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