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Mirror Lady

Mirror Lady is made up of T.J. PetraccaTaylor Pile and Sean Robinson from Silverlake in the USA, from where they deliver lo-fi bedroom pop.

Mirror Lady

Mirror Lady

There is a hint of shoegaze emerging from the guitar, with an emphasis on the key-board Mirror Lady drips with warm West Coast imagery. The music wraps the listener in a gentle gauze before lifting the mind on a journey of reflections with a heightened percussion cycle to use as a reference point. There is a slightly eerie feel to the sound, which is etched more keenly in to the head by a distinctive vocal which has an edge that sits in stark contrast to the rolling music.

Whilst the construction of the songs is recognizable, they songs are written with a wandering ethereal mind-set which lets the band spread in to wider spaces, seemingly floating between one concept and another in a single track. Yet it is held fast by an over-all theme to the piece, which enables the band to deliver a breadth of experiences within a short-space of time.

When reviewing this style of music I find myself using ever longer sentences, as too much punctuation and sentence changing seems so at odds with the music floating through my ears.


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