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Medic is a rock band from Denver in the USA. The four piece line-up of Aaron WagnerDominick WagnerMiller Harveaux and Drew Barnard got together in early 2011 have a far more developed sound than may be expected.



Sitting in what is a crowded genre and a genre which it is difficult to raise even the vaguest pique of interest in my ears Medic have something important to say and the quartet add to the rich texture of the world of contemporary rock music and it with enthusiasm that I take this opportunity to introduce the band to you dear reader of the Indie Bands Blog.

Soaring melodies swoop in to the room with the grace of an swan gliding across a sunlight lake. The compositions are full of confidence and the musical abilities are of an equal match as is the slightly faded vocal and the overall effect is one of perfect synchronicity, each part played as though a solo performance, yet each melting to become an integral part of the overall sound.

It is of little surprise that their EP Grace & Gravity (which is available on Grace & Gravity - EP - Medic*) was so well received on launch, nor that they are rapidly gaining a brad following. Medic is a band that deserves a long and successful career in the music business if their initial couple of years are anything to go by. I posit one query as to whether in the pursuit of their incredibly evocative sound, they may get lost in the hunt for their own perception of perfection, which I hope isn’t the case.



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*Purchases made through the Grace & Gravity - EP - Medic link will result in the Indie Bands Blog earning a commission.


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