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Maybe the Welders

Maybe the Welders is an alternative indie garage rock band from New York in the USA. The quartet of Greg Campbell (Vocals / Guitar), Declan Collins (Vocals /Guitar), Steve Ferrara (Bass) and Pitti (Drum) have been playing the club circuit for a while and are now spreading their wings wider.

Maybe the Welders

Maybe the Welders

What a good way to start the day. Straightforward earthy and gritty rock explodes from the speakers. The material is direct and contains all the essential elements of guitar, bass and percussion that sets my ears alight with glee, added to which an interesting use of vocalists enables the band to add a further string to the bow.

Angst riven lyrics rail against the current state of affairs, which this is carried out within the context of some superbly constructed melodies. The music is uncomplicated and the mixing desk is kept as simple as possible, giving the material an added air of credibility.

This is music you just feel the need to share, so don’t feel alone in turning the volume upwards a few notches. Once again the environs of Brooklyn has been able to launch a great sounding band. A band I would suggest would be well worth getting to see live if they appear anywhere near you.

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