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Jelly Project

Jelly Project is a funk rock band from Minneapolis in the USA. Angelica “Jelly” Thomas (Vocals), Eric “eTravlz” Mitchell (Guitar), Christopher “Boss” Reifsteck (Bass) and Paul “Whorehay” Solem (Drums) got together in 2010 and since then have been working hard to deliver their distinctive sound and attitude.

The Jelly Project

The Jelly Project

A suppletive of narrative and instrumentation neatly bridges the decades betwixt the current space and the origins. Smartly delivered instrumental contexts are subsumed in the visceral vocal and embodiment that is the lead singer. One moment rasping and claws exposed, next a purring cat the band encapsulates a plethora of moods which they reflect in a prism of convex glass.

This is a space in which to wallow for some considerable time as the driving sounds hammer ever inwards to the brain, whilst strutting across the floor emerges a vision of ever more engaging  intoxication.  This is like walking through a a bed of warm sand in bare feet, it just fits and can be as it is, without working at being something else.

Jelly Project have much to add to the world of music and a sound I look forward to hearing develop further as this is a talented group of composers and musicians with a stunning vocalist to top it all.


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