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James & Evander

James & Evander is a synth-pop duo from Oakland in the USA. Adam Myatt and Glenn Jackson started working together while art students back in 2006, their sound has developed from its roots in indietronic instrumental to a far more velvety feeling out-put.

James & Evander

James & Evander

Think of putting chocolate on to melt, for a while nothing happens and tempting as it is to turn the heat up higher you know this isn’t a good idea, then suddenly, imperceptibly the chocolate starts to melt and that luscious texture and gloss replaces the lumps, so we sit with James & Evander, there is no rush, the tracks are allowed to gently melt to a glorious finale.

Banks of keyboards and electronics are accompanied by a floating melancholic vocal. On occasion guitar and drums are added to the mix. Yesterday we had the lo-fi today the high-fidelity comes in to play. Music can span vast oceans and have an impact, as much as I enjoyed the lo-fi,  I find myself intoxicated by the production here. I wrote these two articles on the same day, back to back, so the sharp contrast is perhaps more evident to my ears than would otherwise be the case.

The duo have learnt their craft well over the years and have a clear sense of where the music is travelling, it is merely for the listener to hitch a ride and let the melting begin.


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