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Harbors is an alternative indie collective from Orange Country in the USA centred around the duo of David Shayne  (vocal / guitar) and Spencer Simmons (guitar / keys/vocals) with a rotating group of players.


Photo by Miquela Davis

There is a warming and engaging sound that emerges in to the room once Harbors is given a run-out. The band, centred around two constant musicians pull through a range of influences as they consider the trials and tribulations of life. There is an uncompromising acerbity to the vocal which lies in an interesting contrast to the music, which has a lilting and relaxing sentience .

Whilst acoustically resonant, there is an ever present rolling rhythm to the material that has the body involuntarily finding itself swaying in time. Flavours of folk, rock and roll and dance beats are blended to elicit a really impressive genre defying sound-space that will pull in fans from a broad spectrum. With the run-out of different musicians and instruments including strings and piano Harbors is able to travel across a broad spectrum of sounds, yet each track retains a distinctive timbre which forms a core that defines their essence and an unmistakable delivery.


The Eponymous LP is available on Harbors - Harbors*

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