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General Ghost

General Ghost is a duet from Nashville in the USA. Kyle Rictor is the lead singer and Jon Howard is the other member of the alternative indie band in which they mix and match instruments.

General Ghost

General Ghost

This isn’t going to harm the sub-woofer, but what it will do is generate a good feeling in the brain as the duo mellow their consideration of indie rock and it is an easily digestible sound. I have been known to relax and when that mood arrives, General Ghost is a great band to share the moment.

Some well composed tracks are delivered with confidence – bear in mind the band only formed in late 2011 and already half-way through 2012 they have already released an EP – If Then and a single Give Me To The Waves – they have made an impressive start. The material floats in to the room like leaves of paper stirred by a breeze and the sound is at once calming and engaging. I can get why the film genre of RomComs is popular, it is easy and just is as it is and so sit General Ghost.

There is a familiarity that immediately nestles inside the head and the listener happily floats in the music.


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