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Ganglians are a four piece psychedelic beach surf band from Sacramento in the USA. Ryan Grubbs (vocals), Kyle Hoover (guitar), Adrian Comenzind (bass) and Alex Sowles (drums) have been around a few years now and have just released their third LP, on this occasion a double Album, Still Living.



A fusion of psychedelia, surf-pop and experimentalism, with a dash of folk, is one way to try and sum up Ganglains, far better not attempting I say. Sometimes bands transcend many boundaries and attempting to connect all the twisted wires is of little purpose, so let’s just call that value-added.

The constant theme throughout the music is the heavily layered and echoed guitar which sits at the forefront of the output, aligned with a distinctive vocal.

One moment the ears are pulled towards an incense laden potpourri, prior to being diverted to the unmistakable sounds of 70′s California.

Their eclectic out-put engages the listener in a tidal wave of sensations, they are not a restful band to lay your head back with, nor do they demand extreme forms of body movement to keep pace, they simply require an open mind with which they can play to their hearts content.

The music is not complicated, nor even particularly evenly structured, but to seek those attributes, is to surely miss the whole point of Ganglians. Theirs is a sound for a head which needs something to keep it entertained and responsive.

Ganglians – Jungle from Pete Dee on Vimeo.

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