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From Inside

From Inside is the indie rock duo of Alex Vejar (Vocals/Guitar), Vladimir Molina (Drums) from Santa Monica in the USA.

From Inside

From Inside

This is what music is meant to sound like – fun, unabashed and unpretentious. For sure the nasal twang irritates, the pop-corn pop deflates, but who cares. From Inside is a genuine, fresh as apple pie duo who just sound as though they are enjoying themsleves and that is what matters and careers out of the speakers like a puppy on waxed floor-boards. They deliver a sound that demands the speakers rattle around the room while the listener thrashes full of exuberance.

Theoretically this is a band I really shouldn’t be writing about as it jars against every deeply scarred path in to my brain, but I can’t help myself, this is great. By the very simplicity of the sounds and the infectious playful instruments From Inside just deliver something that makes the heart warm to the day. For absolutely no reason other than – well being so fresh-faced – the joy just surges in to the heart.

As the archetypal cynic, this is perhaps a catharsis in which I should tune in to regularly as listening to the music it is hard to believe anything bad ever happens in the world. Even when they turn to subjects of emotional turmoil, it all just sounds so happy.

Thanks guys for making the world seem so innocent and carefree.


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