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Ellis Ashbrook

Ellis Ashbrook a progressive indie rock band from Brooklyn in the USA comprises - John Barber (vocals, lead guitar squeals, disoriented cries), Natalie Lowe (vocals, keys, periscopic pings), Jonathan Granoff (bass, squishy underwater sounds, bombs) and Alex Major (drums, electronic percussion, perceptual shifts).

Ellis Ashbrook

Ellis Ashbrook

Great fun to be had taking a listen to Ellis Ashbrook, wholesome progressive rock meets exploration and a side-step to a mix of genres. Each piece sits on its own plinth, distinct and complete. I even found some ska references bouncing over the parapet.

Highly capable musicians wander over much ground and there is a danger that any distinctive sound can become lost in the melé, but that matters not a jot. This is a band to listen to – much like an evening in a mixed cocktail bar, you may not know what is coming next, but you know it will be sublime. Unlike the aforementioned cocktail mixing – time with Ellis Ashbrook results in a morning of where is the re-play button, not headache tablets.

The more I listen, the more impressed I become by the skills and structures of the material. It is the sheer diversity which instead of becoming a weakness, is in fact the real strength of the band. A plethora of sounds and tempos appear over a series of tracks, each played and stirred in to the mix with panache and consummate skill.


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