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Elevator Art

Elevator Art is a six piece alternative rock band from New Jersey in the USA. Mike Jonin (Vocals / Guitar), Daimon Santa Maria (Vocals / keys / Guitar / Flute), Jennifer Mustachio (Vocals / Bass / Ukulele), Joe La Scola (Drums / Percussion), Maureen McGowan (Vocals / Percussion) and Liz Dayback (Vocals / Guitar) mix up and add other instruments and switch vocals to deliver their take on the current world.

Elevator Art

Elevator Art

The switching around enables Elevator Art, which has been around since 2007, to deliver an ever shifting soundscape. They not only mix up vocalists, but they also change the instruments used across tracks. Perhaps you may be wondering if that makes it all too much like hard work to get to grips with it, far from it, there is a commonality of sound that marks their stake in the ground.

The variety isn’t driven by a desire to show off competence either, as the styles match and corroborate the lyrical direction adding an enhancement to the objective of the track. The listener is taken on a journey from hard rock driven tempos to floating psychedelia and it is a journey worth staying with as the creative talents encapsulate the moods and throw them back to the audience in an aural kaleidoscope which captures the imagination.

It would be easy for Elevator Art to overcomplicate things, with the range of players and instruments available, but they are able to refrain from excess, paring the music to an accessible and highly listenable space.


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