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Ekkomouse is the electro-rock duo of Steve Prane and Adam Retherford from St Louis in the USA.



Interestingly my inbox is become ever more frequented by bands who take the heart and soul of ’70s and ’80s rock and are reconfiguring it in to drum loops and electronic paraphernalia, whilst retaining Guitar and Bass. Few so far appear to have made a major breakthrough – but I somehow feel this will be the next big genre style, as it has the energy and earthiness of rock, together with the bells and whistles that seem to grab the ears of the current music listeners and creators – gerdang, I thought I heard my phone on vibrate mid-way through one of the tracks. As such, the style lends itself to muted moments as well as a good work-out for the eardrums, so can act as the multi-purpose Victorinox of the music world.

Ekkomouse themselves wend their way between the introverted to the out-reaching as they reflect on the world of the ’10s with the ability to throw out sounds that ripple around the ears with an insouciant delivery that belies the heart-felt concerns which provides a mirror perspective of the broader landscape.

The band itself was born of frustration at stalled projects, so the duo cemented a signature sound with which they could both forge a strong bond without the need for additional cast and since then have taken significant strides including a thirteen track release – Suspicious Cricket.


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