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Bryan Cole

Bryan Cole is a solo country artist from Pittsburgh in the USA, with a debut release early last year he has a new follow up single out on 16th January 2012.

Bryan Cole

Bryan Cole

Having spent much of the past day travelling, the email from Michael Stover at Perfect Vision Records was timed to perfection. Nothing too demanding on the ears, but a good solid honest sound. Bryan Cole has hit the peg squarely with his retake on country, a genuine lyric and vocal is supported by a strong musical accompaniment.

There is sufficient tempo to get the toes tapping alongside the output. The strength lies in the totality of the out-put which avoids the tired clichés of the genre while remaining true to its roots. By that very sentence, you would be right to assume, Bryan doesn’t stretch the envelope of credibility, rather, which is a far more difficult task, rises above the crown in a vast market space.


Wide Open Road is available on Wide Open Road - Bryan Cole*

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