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Beechwood is the psychedelic garage pop duo of Gordon Marquardt (guitar/vocals) and Isa Tineo (drums) based in Orange, California (USA).



I hit play and immediately my day of mud turned in to a delight. Originally from the East Coast of the USA they have relocated to an area filled with the lo-fi sounds that Beechwood deliver. Rather than become subsumed in that plethora of choice, I suggest this gives them an environment in which their considerable ability will be more readily appreciated and showcase them for what they are – a superb band.

It is an interesting space in which I sit as a writer seeking to raise a flag for the smaller band. There are many arbiters of what makes it on to the website, but one of the most important is – integrity. As 90% of the material which wends its way in to my ears is recorded rather than live, I am always having to judge that ‘shiny sound’ from the ‘rough-cut’ and it makes spotting – integrity – slightly more complex. Why am I waffling about this you may well ask – just review the band – but bear with me a moment and I will get there. I received an introduction I had to leave for overnight consideration as although the music was and is great – I just couldn’t hear any integrity, so they won’t be appearing on the website. I have no real idea how I decided that, but once you take a listen to Beechwood – even on recording – I doubt you will have any qualms about the veracity of the duo and you will then understand exactly what this paragraph was all about and why I felt it important enough to hijack the review of a superb sounding band.

This is like stepping in to a dingy ‘this is our turf’ club where the stack of confiscated baseball bats sit intimidatingly in full display, yet you can’t help but feel the need to take a chance and on entry find the locals are just fans of the sport who have been playing a game that afternoon and looking to release the built-up adrenaline with a good-natured party. Beechwood is immediately accessible and schmooze the audience with beguiling fuzz and echo, delivered inside a considered beat. Despite tracks being rarely longer than about the three minute mark, they seem to have the ability to extend time.

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