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Bedfellows is the alt-pop trio of Justin Vassallo, Jack Glenn and Garrett Cook from New York in The USA.



One of the pleasures of synth driven alt-pop is the ease with which it settles in the ears. One of the turn-offs of synth driven alt-pop is the ease with which is settles in the ears. Bedfellows manage to negotiate this dichotomy with a slightly darker tone to the sound which gives the easy listening something for the brain to catch hold of.

I am reminded of the ’80s new-wave era to an extent, as the synths started to evolve into either the more underground scene or became pop mainstream and Bedfellows teeter on that path of choice.

Their finest moments are when they take the music to a more serious level combining the guitars in rock mode with the dance-ability of synths. With a new release due out later this year it will be interesting to see which direction they choose, the preppy pop of The Drums or a more considered and emotional exposition. Self-evidently, I am hoping they retain the more considered textures, but time will tell.

Bedfellows has the ability within the band to deliver well constructed songs with value, but they equally have the propensity to on occasion turn that adaptability to plastic pop. I am hoping to get hold of a copy of their new EP pre-release and will be able to let you know which musical journey they have elected to follow.


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