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Abadabad from Allston in the USA is the dream-wave quartet of Jeremy Lee Given, Adam Taylor Young, Welly Netto and Josh Northcutt.



Sounds that resonate of a Tarantino film spill out of the speakers. Were this a restaurant meal it would be Nouvelle Cuisine and a bit like Marmite, if you don’t like it, it is unlikely you ever will. For those who enjoy stark minimalism thrown back from USA ’50s, with a hint of humour this will sit comfortably on the ears.

Abadabad are deft exponents of delivering the most from the least, as the music contains wide open spaces in which the brain nestles before being tapped again with the next beat. It is not easy to make this work and the players deserve credit for their natural ability to empathise with the compositions raising the whole piece to a mastery of musicianship.

To take the framework and just add daubs of colour takes real confidence, bearing in mind this out-fit only came to fruition a year ago in the summer of 2011, there is considerable ground in to which the band can develop, so it will be interesting to see how things do pan out. Their debut EP – Wild – is a testament to their abilities and makes for an intriguing addition to the ‘ones to watch play-list’.


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