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3PM is an indie-pop band from Owings Mills in the USA comprising Brandon Millman (Drums), Brennan Stark (Bass / Vocals) and Scott Montgomery (Guitar).



Taking the tinny noises of west coast indie-pop and adding a twist of interest is something 3PM do well. There is a purposeful sense of direction which is rattled along by a percussion which resonates of a Military Marching Band giving a sense of a rallying call around which to rendezvous, which combines with some sublime fret work. It helps that it is a bright an sunny day as I write this review, as somehow it suits the mood of not taking life too seriously and enjoying the moment for what it is. There is an easy listening resonance to the material that works well which is undercut by a determination of direction that raises this above the pap of pop.

I guess there is something of a difference in musical genre differentiation between one country and another, never mind my own issues over the use of the work ‘punk’, which you know well, but I can’t believe many would find this any more subversive than a puppy at a party, but hey I am just a cynic and while I may dislike their own description of their music, that doesn’t detract from the immense fun that can be had by letting the drums take hold and wallow in the pure effervescence of it all. I look forward to finding out how 3PM develop.

Change of Plans – 3PM is available on iTunes*.


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